We get a ton of requests for discounts, which is a good thing – It means people like our products, and they know they can email and talk to a real, live person. So, let’s discuss discounts.

Building handcrafted, American-made exhaust systems is a labor-intensive task. Most of the cost involved is in design, fabrication of an accurate jig, and on-car testing.

Due to the prevalence of cheap, poorly-made offshore products made with inferior materials, people often don’t understand the true cost of materials and labor.

Just like any other [US-based] business, we have workman’s comp, unemployment insurance, taxes, environmental / regulatory fees, professional licenses to maintain, and still have to pay our fabricators a fair wage for their talents.

Since we got started in 1996, we’ve seen the cost of steel double, and shipping costs and fuel surcharges have nearly doubled. Meanwhile, we’ve increased worker wages 25%, while keeping prices substantially the same – a statement that very few companies can make.

OK, so what?

Although it’s purely psychological, we understand that “discount” often means an instant sale. I could raise our prices $30 and give everyone a $30 discount, but that’s lame.

So, we’re going to keep prices as-is and hope that our quality, customer service, and reputation makes it worth the extra few bucks.

As long as I’m running the company, we’re gonna keep our prices as low as we can for you guys.

Thanks for understanding!

-Greg Childs, CEO
BRM Exhaust, LLC